Total War Rome II Interview With James Russell

Total War Rome II Interview With James Russell

Oyun Fest asked, Total War Rome II Lead Desinger James Russel answered. Can Rome 2 be the best Total War game?

Oyun Fest: The game will take in which time period?

James Russell: Rome II covers the period from the early days of the Roman Republic, to the height of the Roman Empire. We want the game to encompass that epic sweep of Roman history.

OF: Reforms are really important in games, are we going to be able to see advantages or disadvantages of government systems or reforms in the game.

JR: Yes, we will be dealing with a variety of political systems, and of course other types of reform, for example military reforms. We will have an interesting tech tree, with choices & policies that yield different pros and cons depending on how you play the game. We also want to have different options for different cultures – we want the huge variety of cultures in Rome II to deliver huge replay value!

OF: Will the commanders in the game, be able to give unique speeches like in the first game and also, will their speech vary from one to another due to their traits?

JR: We really want the player to experience the action on the front-lines – it’s something we’re calling The Human Face of Total War. And we support that in a number of ways – with new unit cameras that get you right in close to the action, Commanders barking orders, and soldiers reacting realistically to what’s going on around them. We want players to really feel the impact of the Roman war machine.

OF: Which historic battles will be available in the game?

JR: I’m afraid it’s still too early to confirm which Historical battles will be in the game.

OF: How many countries will be in the game and how many of them will be playable?

JR: Rome II will cover a huge geographical area – bigger than the first Rome. Again, we’re not ready to say specifically how many nations the game will feature, or which ones, but we aim to have quite a choice of playable factions from the very start. The ancient world setting offers such a massive variety of cultures, fighting styles and environments and we really want to make sure that each plays differently.

OF: Who will compose the music of the game?

JR: Our in-house Audio Manager, Richard Beddow, is composing the music for Total War: Rome II. Richard has been working on the Total War series for years, and recently won the Ivor Novello award for his stunning composition of the Napoleon: Total War soundtrack – he’s an incredibly skilled composer, and he has some grand plans for Rome II…

OF: In the first game, we were able to zoom In to our cities, travel in the streets, see the population and have a fresh air of Rome in a way, can we expect the same in the new game? Because some of the players miss that feature. (Especially me!)

JR: We’re still at a stage where we’re deciding precisely how cities will be represented on the Campaign Map, so more on this soon.

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